Mayor's Office

(046) 413-0601


Isang Bayang maunlad, Mapayapa,
At kinikilala sa pandaigdigang larangan,
Na ginagalawan ng matagumpay na Mendezeño, 
Na tumutupad sa kanyang tungkuling sa bayan,
Na may pananagutan sa kapwa at kalikasan,
Na may pananalig sa Diyos.


Makapagbigay ng tapat,
Makatarungan at mahusay na serbisyo,
Para sa pangkalahatang
Kagalingan ng sambayanan

Municipal Administrator
Jose N. Auditor,  MD
Local 103

Executive Services

Razel V. Esguerra

Political and Public Services
Antonio G. Rafols

Administrative Operators
Reymelyn P. Gatpandan
Resurreccion D. Aure
Aida G. Carandang
Jhonna Liza P. Noceda
Maralin H. Viado

Zosimo R. Cubio, JR.
Avelino R. Perey
Jun F.Noceda
Rolando D. Tibayan


Tourism Coordinators

PESO Designate

Internal Audit
Edwin P. Crizaldo
Joeffrey R. Romera
Michael Louies R. Novicio

Razel V. Esguerra
Jeffrey D. Almanzor II
Maralyn Mangrobang

Allan S. Ocampo
Renato R. Tolentino
Rowena D. Mojica 


  • Exercise general supervision over the local government and barangays  in the execution of laws and ordinances.
  • Provide executive direction to the municipal government.
  • In-charge in the execution of the municipal, provincial and national programs and policie

  • In-charge in the formulation and implementation of administrative policies
  • Direct and supervise in the implementation of projects in coordination with the different departments and offices.
  • Represent the LCE in meetings related to policy matters.
  • Plans and counter-sign documents for signature of the LCE.

Human Resource Management Office

(046) 413-0601 local 107

    HRM Officer            Christine L. Book

    HRM Assistant        Maribel P. Bael

    HRM Personnel      Cecile P. Ambagan

  • In-charge in the implementation of personnel management programs in the municipality
  • Responsible in common personnel actions such as:
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Leave Administration
    • Retirement Process
    • Merit and Promotion
  • Serve as Liaison Officer to both Civil Service  and GSIS
  • Payroll Preparation


Vice Mayor & Sangguniang Bayan Office

(046) 413-0601 local 115


Serbisyong Mabilis at
Maasahan para sa Mamamayan


Epektibong Sanggunian, 
Sandigan ng Mamamayan 
sa Maunlad na Kinabukasan

SB Secretary
David M. Ramos

SB Staff
Lorena R. Perey
Jesselyn M. Romilla
Linda P. Esguerra
Aileen S. Perey
Rogenald C. Perey
Nato M. Dimaranan
Cielo Marie B. Nuestro

  • Act as the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod or Sangguniang Bayan and shall only vote to break a tie.
  • Sign all warrants drawn on the city or municipal treasury for all expenditures appropriated for the operation of the Sangguniang Panlungsod or Sangguniang Bayan.
  • Subject to civil service law, rules and regulations, appoint all officials and employees of the Sangguniang Panlungsod or Sangguniang Bayan, except those whose manner of appointment is specifically provided in R.A. No. 7610
  • Exercise the powers and perform the duties and functions of the city or municipal mayor in cases of temporary vacancy as provided for in R.A. No. 7160.
  • Upon assumption of office, make a full disclosure of financial and business interests in accordance with R.A. No. 6713 and other related laws.
  • Disclose any business, financial, or professional relationship or any relation by affinity or consanguinity within the fourth civil degree, which he may have with any person, firm, or entity affected by any ordinance or resolution under consideration by the Sangguniang Panlungsod or Sangguniang Bayan, which relationship may result in conflict of interest

  • Update all legislative agenda
  • Keep records and files all legislative documents
  • Endorsed copies of all resolutions, ordinances enacted/adopted by the Sangguniang Bayan for the approval of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.
  • Furnish certified copies of records of public documents upon request of any interested parties. 


Department of Agriculture



Increase the income of farmers and fisher folk, thereby contributing to the achievement of the national goals of alleviating poverty, generating productive opportunities, fostering social justice and equity, and promoting
sustainable economic growth.


Prosperous rural communities built on profitable
farms that provide surplus for agro-industry and
guarantees food security

Municipal Agriculturist Officer
Vilma E. Constante, OIC

Rheena Joyce R. Guevarra
Gloria O. Rosas
Nelson V. Mararagan
Dario M. Aure
Marissa R. Mojica
Rhonel G. Del Rosario
Freddie R. Dugan

  • Provide agricultural services projects & programs
  • Exercise general supervision & control over the  implementation of agricultural projects & projects
  • Incharge in disseminating information on basic researches on crops prevention & control of plant diseases/pests and other agricultural matters
  • Coordinate  with Government  agencies/NGO's regarding the promotion of agricultural productivity through modern technology
  • Conduct agri-related trainings seminars
  • Provide technical assistance to farmers, mothers & youths                                                                                                                      


Civil Registrar Office

(046) 413-0601 local 104


We at the Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar do hereby pledge and commit to do our duties and responsibilities to the best of our knowledge, be courteous and approachable, and deliver quality public services as promised in this Citizen’s Charter.​


The Office of the Local Civil Registrar is committed in providing an immediate reliable and
accurate civil registration services.

Municipal Civil Registrar

Reynaldo E. Bacos

MCR Staff
Marilou P. Alegre
Allan S. Ocampo
Gilbert A. Alegre

  • Provide services regarding births, deaths, and marriage registration, legal instrumentalities, court decrees and other affecting the status of a person.
  • In-charge in the issuance of Civil Registry Codes as requested
  • Accept and issue application for marriage.

Business Permit and Licensing Office


BPLO Head                   Lucena R. De Castro

BPLO Staff                    Alicia R. Recinto
                                       Zenaida M. Aure

  • Facilitate and process application and issuance of business permits of different business establishments with in the municipality.
  • In-charge in the assessment of business taxes and fees.
  • In-charge in the preparation of Mayor’s Permit to all Tricycle Operators & Drivers.
  • Issuance of Permits & Stickers to all Jeepney Operators and Drivers.

Public Cemetery Operation


Officer                   Emilliano Panganiban

  • In-charge in the in the maintenance of all structures like tombs and pathways in the cemetery.
  • In-charge of keeping cleanliness of the area at all times.
  • Make sure all burials have complied with needed requirements.

Market Administration Office


Market Inspector II

Roberto A. Flores

Market Administration Staff
Jayson A. Delos Santos
Fernando A. Esguerra
Emerson C. Esguerra
Randy G. Alegre
Leonardo C. De Guia
Gabriel Rex C. Peñalba
Virgilio P. Sarmiento
Pablo M. Pantaleon

  • In-charge in the accommodation of application for stalls.
  • In-charge in the issuance of Official Receipts for Business Permits & monthly Stall Rentals
  • Issuances of Cash Tickets 

Environmental and Ecological Protection Office


EEP Officer
Amir P. Ambagan

EEP Staff
Annalyn R. Facun
Khem Establio
Severino F. Santos JR
Lorenzo M. Landicho
Ramoncito P. Leonizo
Dominador P. Dela Peña
Anselmo P. Lopez JR
Rodel F. Rozul
Gregorio P. Dimaranan
Mario F. Panganiban
Amelita G. Macararanga
Herminio R. Macararanga
Guillermo D. Geronimo
Darwin C. Perre
Rufino A. Acquiat

  • Responsible in the implementation of various environmental programs/projects within the locality.
  • Facilitate in the conduct of trainings/seminars, dialogues and clean-up drive.
  • Responsible in the collection of Segregated Waste
  • Monitoring & Implementing “No to Plastic Ordinance”.
  • Promoting and Implementing Plastic Waste Reduction.
  • In-charge in the maintenance and cleanliness of the eco- center


Barangay Affairs Office

(046) 413-0601 local 116

 Brgy. Affairs Head       Delio P. Peñalba

 Brgy. Affairs Staff        Yolanda P. Dimaranan
                                       Isagani Vicedo

  • In-charge of coordinating activities between the different Barangays and Office of the Mayor.
  • Participate in the quarterly assessment of different barangays.                                                                                                                      

Treasury Office

(046) 413-0601 local 105


Efficiently ensure all its collections in accordance with the Local Revenue Code and effectively manage it and all other funds for various programs and projects as per its obligated purpose/s.


An efficient agency task to collect all payments as mandated by the Local Revenue Code and disburses the same with all other funds to all its obligations in accordance with the guidelines, rules and regulations under the supervision of the Department of Finance.

Municipal Treasurer
Leonora M. Novicio

Treasurer’s Staff
Allan A. Perey
Day O. Mojica
Vilma B. Dela Cruz
Gina P. Bulaon
Edwin N. Vicedo
Marites G. Cruz
Reichell B. Pasco
Anabelle D. Dahab
Aimee E. Garcia

  • Provide control and management on the financial matters including disbursement and collections of the LGU.
  • In-charge of payment of approved Vouchers/payrolls/Checks/Cash Payment.

Accounting Office

(046) 413-0601 local 113


To analyze, record, classify, summarize and communicate all government financial transactions including receipts and disposition of government funds and properties interpreting the results thereof​


A department equipped with updates on various Accounting rules and regulations for efficient and effective recording and reporting of Financial Statements

Municipal Accountant

Jon Rick G. Arizobal

Accounting Staff
Zyrza M. Erni
Imelda R. Dela Torre
Teresita P. Rodriguez
Jorell Kieffer V. Balinbin
Wilma P. Samsom


Noralyn D. Alvarado
Fedelina P. Peñalba
Zhayanne Chelzy M. Javate

  • Prepares and certifies disbursement vouchers.
  • Approve advice for check disbursement.
  • Prepares Financial Report of the LGU.
  • Check and verify the completeness of supporting papers for disbursement.
  • Prepares monthly remittance to GSIS, PAG-IBIG, PHILHEATH, BIR, etc.

Budget Office

(046) 413-0601 local 112


Provides quality, comprehensive informed decision making, policy creation, analysis and interpretation regarding planning for and allocation of financial and analytical resources


Stewards timely, accurate and complete information and analysis services, guiding strategic resources, allocation and development, fostering new initiatives and supporting dynamic decision-making

Municipal Budget Officer
Legoria R. Salazar

MBO Staff
Maria Edelina P. Vida
Ma. Chasyiere Raphaelynn C. Lachica

  • In-charge in the supervision & control on the financial matters of the LGU.
  • Review and consolidate the budget proposals of different departments and offices.
  • In-charge of preparing forms, orders and circulars embodying instructions on budgetary and appropriation matters
  • Assist the Municipal Mayor in the preparation of the budget and during budget hearings.
  • Submit periodic budgetary report to DBM.
  • Coordinate with the MPDC, Accounting and Treasury Department for purposes of budgeting.

Assessor Office

(046) 413-0601 local 106


To serve landowners of this municipality and other clients promptly, efficiently and with integrity; to  establish systematic, fair and just valuation of  real properties for the economic benefit of the Local Government Unit and satisfaction of the taxpayers.


Office of the Municipal Assessor is computerized in the assessment and appraisal operations, in updating tax maps, thus, public service is rendered systematically and satisfactory.

Municipal Assessor

Melinda S. Alegre

Assessor’s Staff
Girlie A. Mojica
Nelita V. Magsino
Ma. Cecilia L. Peji
Evelyn B. Tolentino
Kevin Bonifacio
​Kevin Barasi

  • In-charge of appraisal & assessment of Real Property for taxation.
  • Conduct ocular inspection of newly declared land parcels.
  • Assessment of declared improvements of buildings/ houses and other structures.
  • Verification of records/history of Real Property Assessment.
  • Annotation/Cancellation of Mortgage, Lis Pendence, Adverse Claims of Tax Declaration.
  • Transfer of Tax.
  • Preparing a schedule of fair market value for different classes of real properties in accordance with title II undr Book II of Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.


Municipal Health Unit


Layunin ng tanggapan na pangalagaan ang pangkalahatang kalusugan ng bayan ng Mendez, sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatupad ng mga programang pangkalusugan sa matapat, mabilis, makatao, mahusay at de-kalidad na pamamaraan. Adhikain din ng tanggapan na akayin at himukin ang bawatt pamilya na makilahok sa mga programang pangkalusugan at ipaalam na ang bawat mamamayan ay kaagapay ng pamahalaan sa pagtatamo ng malusog na tahanan at pamayanan


Ang Bayan ng Mendez ay maging isang pamayanan na binubuo ng mamamayang may malulusog na isipan at pangangatawan, na nabubuhay ng may dignidad at may kakayahang pangalagaan ang kanilang kalusugan ayon sa mga kaalamang natutunan, tungo sa isang maka Diyos, makakalikasan at ligtas sa mga karamdaman ng pamumuhay​

Municipal Health Officer

Rosalina N. Veridiano


Ellen R. Peji
Eufemia A. Gonzales
Jennelyn V. Hondo
Precian Eve D. Maraan

RHU Staff
Lhoraly C. Mendoza

Lolita A. Buljatin
Madelaine P. Aure
Elizabeth T. Regis

Sanitary Inspector
Divinagracia B. Alarca

Medical Technologist
Marites B. Camerino


Allith M. Dimaranan
Mariquit D. Dela Cruz
Rachel R. Esguerra
Lolita C. Panaligan

Ricardo R. Maraan
Edgardo Croox

  • Responsible for promotion and formulation of health programs in the community
  • Provide immunization for children and pregnant mothers
  • Conduct Laboratory Examination
  • Issuance of Health Card and Sanitary Permits
  • Management of Animal Bites
  • Dental Services
  • Maternal Neonatal Child Health & Nutrition
  • Management of Communicable,  Non- Communicable & Infectious Diseases
  • Daily Patient Consultation
  • Environmental Health


Engineering Office

(046) 413-0601 


Provide efficient plan, review, permitting,
inspection and public education to ensure a
safe-built Environment, and
support emergency response to protect the citizens
and visitors of Mendez-Nuñez, Cavite.


The Engineering and Building Official Department  is committed to becoming a premier engineering organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all Mendezenians and making our municipality safer.

We are committed to improving our performance
and developing procedures that are streamlined, understandable and transparent.

Municipal Engineer
Engr. Ruel M. Vicedo

Engineering Staff
Rubylinda P. De Sagun
Graham Paul B. Alarca
Celwyn S. Aure
Ellen C. Perey

Vener Francisco D. Mojica
Raffy P. Sisayan
Alberto M. Cuadra
Ruel Fijer
John Vener Magalong

  • Exercise technical supervision on all engineering works
  • Provide engineering services to the local government including barangays.
  • Supervise in the construction and control, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads & bridges  and other public works of the LGU

Planning and Development Office

(046) 413-0601 local 110


Equal service to all sectors of our society committed in 
the improvement of standard of living without prejudice 
to our environment and to anyone, 
with guidance from the Almighty God


A peaceful, orderly and sustainable economic activity which is environment friendly where people are given equal opportunity for disciplined citizens in order to improve their quality of life

Mun. Planning &
Dev’t Coordinator

Joselito M. Baurile, OIC

MPD Staff

Marlene G. Dime
Catherine A. Escaño
Rommer James D. Sta. Maria
Renilo A. Romera

  • Exercise general control and supervision of the development planning
  • Integrate & coordinate all sectoral plans undertaken by various agencies
  • Monitor and implement different development programs and projects of the Municipality
  • Conduct continuing studies on the different programs of the municipality.
  • Prepare Comprehensive Plan of the municipality

Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office

(046) 443-0209

Mun. Risk Reduction
Mng’t  Officer

Mun. Risk Reduction
Mng’t  Officer

Romeo C. Chavez

Jefferey D. Almanzor II

Owen D. Perey
Francisco N. Hernando
Joel N. Fijer
Arnulfo Florente D. Salgado
Glenn P. Conde

  • Organized to respond all calls of emergency within the municipality and its neighboring town.
  • Provide assistance to medical health personnel in giving first aid treatment.
  • Transport patients to nearby hospitals during emergency cases.
  • In-charge in monitoring  and  giving warning advice in the cancellation of classes upon declaration of the Provincial level.
  • Provide trainings to all barangays, schools and other institutions within the municipality.

General Services Office

(046) 443-0209

General Services Officer

Alvin C. Novicio

Dani Karl S. Estrada
Leonardo De Guia
Crisanto B. Pereña
Roberto Ronio
Jon Fritz Estrada
Guiller Perena

  • Systematically manage and maintain assets of the LGU.
  • In-charge in the provision of adequate facilities requiring general services expertise.
  • Conduct regular inventory of LGU Properties, equipment and supplies assigned to the office and submit the inventory report at least 2x a year.

PUblic Safety and Order


Traffic Enforcer

Richard Dimaranan
Alejo G. Peren
Crisostomo R. Maraan
Jose Roderick C. Pama

  • Provide Public Security Order
  • Responsible for traffic management
  • Install and administer a single ticketing system, fix, impose and collect fines and penalties for all kinds of violations of traffic rules and regulations, whether moving or non-moving in nature, and confiscate driver's licenses in the Enforcement of such traffic laws and regulations, the provision of Municipal Ordinance.

Social Welfare and Development Office

(046) 413-0601 


Committed to implement programs that will alleviate poverty and empowered the disadvantaged individual, families and community for improved quality of life


Empowered individuals, families and community to ensure their standards of living, perform their expected roles thru strengthened coping mechanism 

Mun. Social Worker
Dev’t Officer

Gemma C. Del Mundo

Social Wrokers

Socorro A. Sula
Shiena V. Pereña
Jeanette N. Rocillo

  • Facilitate in the implementation of welfare programs among  elderly, disabled persons, battered woman, youth and juvenile delinquent to address their needs and provide assistance
  • In-charge in the supplemental feeding to public pre-schoolers

Senior Citizens Affairs Office

(046) 413-0601

Levy A. Alegre


Emileah M. Baroso

  • Assist and entertain queries concerning Senior Citizens