Anti-Rat Campaign Month
(Proclamation No. 179, s. 1955)

Health, Safety and Sanitation Month (Proclamation No. 115-A, s. 1966)

National Clean-up Month 
(Proclamation No. 244, s. 1993)

Civil Service Month
(Proclamation No. 1050, s. 1997)

Development Policy Research Month (Proclamation No. 247, s. 2002)

National Peace Consciousness Month (Proclamation No. 675, s. 2004)

Social Security Month 
(Proclamation No. 682, s. 2004)

Rule of Law Month
(Proclamation No. 713, s. 2004)

Public Relations Month 
(Proclamation No. 1357, s. 2007)

Peoples Management Month
(Proclamation No. 1614, s. 2008)

Blood Diseases Month
(Proclamation No. 1833, s. 2009)

Cybersecurity Awareness Month
(Proclamation No. 2054, s. 2010)

National Teachers’ Month 
(September 5-October 5) 
(Proclamation No. 242, s. 2011)

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