Sea Transportation Safety Month
(Proclamation No. 115-A, s. 1966)

Rural Workers Month
(Proclamation No. 2418, s. 1985)

Philippine Environment Month
(Proclamation No. 237, s.1988)

National No Smoking Month
(Proclamation No. 183, s. 1993)

National Kidney Month
(Proclamation No. 184, s, 1993)

National Dengue Awareness Month
(Proclamation No. 1204, s. 1998)

Celebrate the Sea Month
(Proclamation No. 1512, s.2008)

National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Month
(Proclamation No. 1521, s. 2008)

W.A.T.C.H. Month
(We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty)
(Proclamation No. 1782, s. 2009)

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121 bags of blood donated! Once again, Mendezeño showed its bayanihan spirit through the recently held Blood Letting Activity of LGU Mendez-Nuñez through Municipal Health Unit.

In cooperation with Provincial Capitol of Cavite and TMA Batch'72, the blood letting activity was held last June 6, 2018 at Municipal Covered Court.

Maraming Salamat po ulit mga Bayaning Mendezeño, sa susunod po ulit! :)

Dinagsa ng 151 Mendezeño ang Public Employment Service Office (PESO) "Disente at Maayos na Trabaho para sa Mendezeño" noong ika-1 ng Hunyo sa Municipal Covered Court.
Dalawampu’t apat (24) na kumpanya at ahensiya ang nagbigay ng oportunidad sa mga Mendezeño na magkaroon ng trabaho. Dalawampu’t siyam (29) na Mendezeño na natangap noong mismong araw.

Its the Municipality's 5th year Notebook (51,162 pcs) 
Distribution Program for All Public School Students.

Good and Services


Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies for 2nd Quarter of 2018

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Concreting of West point of San Miguel Arkanghel, Galicia III

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Concreting of Roadway at Panungyan I

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Concreting of Rodway at Miguel Mojica

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Concreting of Roadway at Galicia III

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Construction of MRF at ECO Center

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Concreting Canal Line and Pathwalk at Galicia III

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Concreting of Anuling Connector Road

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January 2018